Memory Chords- First Playable!

In the last week we’ve been having fun matching pictures and guitar chords in what we call Memory Chords.  We’ve even added a button to remove the pictures on the cards if you think you are good enough to match them by the chords alone.  This is a first playable demo, I encourage you to leave feedback, in the next phase we will be making a release to Android / iOS, currently this is only playable in PC Browsers supporting HTML5 such as Chrome, I recommend using the fullscreen button on the bottom right for best performance and don’t forget to turn on your speakers……


Click To Play Game!


Come Play Blackjack in the Unreal Engine

We’ve been working on HTML5 deployment for the Unreal Engine and have compiled one of the early Epic demos in Unreal 4.11 with the advanced html5 features.  I have to say it looks great, the main problems are the loading times and pretty high html5 requirements, that is it doesn’t seem to run through a tablet browser.  We’ll put more out on this later, until then enjoy Epic’s Blackjack.


Click To Play Game!

Note: Use the fullscreen button at the bottom for best performance.