delta3d is live!!

Thanks to the hard working individuals who made this possible, we have successfully migrated to a new server.

Due to internal conflict we may not get back the original URL, in lieu of this we have setup a new URL going forward

The site should be fully operational, if you find any quirks just drop us a note as we have not had a lot of time to fully test everything.

Chipper Chickadee Studios is Born!

Chipper Chickadee Studios is a game development and contracting company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We have been supporting local groups with software development, art creation, and level design services for over 10 years and have come together to create Heroes Province, a unique puzzle rpg adventure where you must build  a province and protect it.


Hooray for Chipper Chickadee Studios.

Hooray for Chipper Chickadee Studios.