Chipper Chickadee Studios LLC is designing and developing the puzzle rpg game called Heroes Province.


2016-03-19 09_56_40-Unity - forest scene



We are also an administrator and developer of the Open Source game, simulation and training engine.



   Chipper Chickadee Studios LLC is a developer of AI Middleware tools and plugins for popular engines.

Debugging AI in LogicFlow an AI Editor.



A Pedestrian AI Plugin for the Unreal engine.



The engineering team at Chipper Chickadee has over 10 years of experience developing driving simulators for games as well as commercial and municipal training systems

A snow plow simulator using Dreamworks OpenVDB and delta3d.




and boat, ship, water, wave and erosion and avalanche simulations






 We have developed training systems for on-board damage control, paramedic response, as well as procedural trainers for cognition and learning.







The team at Chipper Chickadee is experienced in modeling of architectural and GIS data as well as and digitally reproducing landmarks using photogrammetry.




2016-03-19 14_33_04-BoardwalkDemo Game Preview Standalone (64-bit_PCD3D_SM5)


2016-03-19 14_28_05-BoardwalkDemo Game Preview Standalone (64-bit_PCD3D_SM5)


2016-03-19 14_39_36-BoardwalkDemo Game Preview Standalone (64-bit_PCD3D_SM5)


King Neptune